This so-called hybrid bow combines the best properties of longbows and recurve bows, is faster than and has less shock in the grip than the common longbow. Because of the deflex/reflex construction, also more supple than the common longbow. Laminate of American ash, elm or walnut; other woods can also be used as well. Micarts nocks. Suitable for 'fast-flight' strings. Finished in hardy two-component clear laquer.

Bow length 64”-70”

  • 001fiber_long_rd_p1000968
  • 002fiber_long_rd_p1000972
  • Fiber_L_rd_020
  • Fiber_L_rd_023
  • fiber_L_rd_022
  • fiber_long_rd_p1000964
  • fiber_long_rd_p1000965
  • fiber_long_rd_p1000974

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