Another bow inspired by the past, namely based on the famous Browning Backpacker recurve by the renowned bowyer Harry Drake. His super-fast bows were made for Flight Archery, and good for most world records.

The original Backpacker was built like a tank, with a heavy 20” long riser and 45mm wide limbs. To make the bow lighter and easier to handle I designed a new shorter mid section, 14” and 16” long. I also made the limbs narrower to increase speed.

By attaching the limbs to the back of the riser, it made this bow very stable and supple and gave it its distinctive look. Instead of the recurve limbs, longbow limbs can also be used, which makes this bow very versatile and make it, as it were, two bows-in-one.

Bow length 58”- 62”

  • 01Fiber_RB_div.-005
  • 02Fiber_RB_div.-006
  • 03Fiber_RB_widow-2.-010
  • 04Fiber_RB_widow-2.-013
  • Fiber_RB_div.-027
  • Fiber_RB_div.-028
  • Fiber_RB_div.-031
  • Fiber_RB_div.-033
  • Fiber_RB_div.-041
  • Fiber_RB_div.-042

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