My most beautiful and most elaborate recurve bow is named after Perun, god from Slavic mythology, god of thunder and lightning. This bow has the same geometry and limbs as the Backpacker. However, in order to enhance its beauty, I created wonderful flowing lines by integrating the riser insert of the limbs at the back of the riser. This design also allows archers with bigger hands to shoot with the shorter 14” riser, which sometimes is not feasible with the Backpacker. Risers are 14” and 16” long and available in many designs and woods.

Bow length 58”- 62”.

  • Fiber_RP_P1000335
  • Fiber_RP_P1000336
  • Fiber_RP_P1000575
  • Fiber_RP_P1000576
  • Fiber_RP_P1000581
  • Fiber_RP_P1000586
  • Fiber_RP_P1000587
  • Fiber_RP_P1000588
  • Fiber_RP_P1000590

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