This traditional English longbow from medieval times is made out of one piece of wood, and has horn nocks. Originally these bows tended to be made of yew, ash or elm. My bows are mostly made of hickory, which is the toughest wood available. These bows bend over their entire length, as they have been tillered in D- profile. As this bow is cheaper, it's very suitable as a first bow or for re-enactment groups. Bow length 68”–78”

Booglengte 68”-78”.

  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_002
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_004
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_010
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_Afbeelding-611
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_Afbeelding-612
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_IMG_2636
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_IMG_2689
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_IMG_2690
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_IMG_2694
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_P1010035
  • Hout_Eng_lb_self_P1010040

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