This bow has a greater cast than the Flatbow selfbow. Made of hickory, ash, elm, or robinia, with bamboo backing and short nocks made of wood or horn. Because of the shorter length this bow is great for competitions in the woods and/or hunting.

Bow length 60”– 70”

  • 01Hout_flat_lam_10_Flatbows-020
  • 02Hout_flat_lam_9
  • Hout_flat_lam_10-Flatbows-053
  • Hout_flat_lam_10-Flatbows-058
  • Hout_flat_lam_11
  • Hout_flat_lam_2
  • Hout_flat_lam_3
  • Hout_flat_lam_DA43BD0CC21C11DD

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