Of all natural materials is rotan the most flexible, light and almost impossible to brake. Unfortunately has rotan also one bad characteristic. Under pressure it doesn’t return to previous position (goes to the string) and loses strength. But if we use rotan in combination with bamboo backing, this makes a very good and sweet shooting bow. 

I make Rotan bows in two different versions:

Rotan/bamboo 56” long and

Rotan/bamboo 62” long

The longer version has siyahs tips from wood, steamed in form and with a V-splice glued to rotan and bamboo. The longer bow is sweeter to draw and more suitable for a longer draw. 

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Rotan/bamboe 56”

  • P3111-1
  • P3111-2
  • P3111-3
  • P3111-4

Rotan/bamboe 62”

  • P4021-1
  • P4021-2
  • P4021-3